TechPier® Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Deterrent

Product Name:Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Deterrent
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PierTech Motion Activated Sprinkler Review

Motion sensor sprinklers offer a simple way to protect your garden and yard from unwanted invaders, without causing long-term harm. In most cases, these sprinklers are fairly simple systems that are attached into the ground with a stake and are connected to your hose, allowing them a constant source of water. The sprinklers use a motion sensor, which is used to activate the sprinkler when movement is detected. When that occurs, the sprinkler then sends out a jet of water.

In this case, the sprinkler has a detection range of around 10 meters (around 33 feet) and the yet of water that it sprays lasts about 5 seconds. That amount of time would be enough to deter most critters and is on par with what similar models have to offer.

One interesting thing is that the company promotes this model as being innovative. That’s not really true though. As you can see across this site, there are a lot of different motion sensor sprinklers. While some of these are certainly better than others, most make use of the same general principles as this model here. So, there isn’t really anything unusual about PierTech’s motion sensor.

In fact, this particular sprinkler does pretty poorly when it comes to reviews, especially on Amazon, where is jut has 4 customer reviews. Those reviewers highlight the fact that this model leaks, probably around the area where it connects to the hose. Now, leakage is a fairly common issue with sprinklers, especially those that are low quality. However, it’s still a major issue, especially if want to minimize your water use.

That issue is actually one of the key reasons to go with a higher quality brand. Additionally, you will often find that other brands will tend to have a wider range of spray and more flexibility in terms of their settings.

Nevertheless, at the most basic level, this sprinkler does appear to pull off its intended function and it would still be a good tool for scaring pests away from your garden. It is also likely that there are options to adjust things like the sensitivity and length of the water blast, however, the company does not provide much information about whether this is the case.


  • works as intended
  • simple to install and use


  • leaks, resulting in additional water use
  • poor reviews

Note: Some models may be green instead of black as shown in this image

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