Scarecrow Solar Motion Activated Animal Repellent Garden Sprinkler

Product Name:Scarecrow Solar Motion Activated Animal Repellent Garden Sprinkler
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Scarecrow Solar Motion Review

This sprinkler remains a fairly popular choice for keeping pests out of your garden and it’s easy to see why. The brand has a good reputation and the model itself is pretty easy to set up and to use. This sprinkler system operates by setting off a short burst of water (around 2 to 3 seconds) when motion is detected. Users can control the distance of that spray using a knob at the top of the system.

It is also possible to control the sensitivity of the system, although this can be a double-edged sword. As with many similar systems, you will find that turning the sensitivity down too much means that sprinkler is less likely to detect critters while having the sensitivity too high means that it may go off when there is a breeze or traffic passing by.

In terms of yard space, this sprinkler can be used for as much as 1,200 square feet of garden. Additionally, it is possible to connect multiple ScareCrow sprinklers together to create a larger system for protecting your yard.

The sprinkler uses a 9-volt battery as its source of power and the company estimates that this battery should last for up to 6 months. That level of battery life is lower than many other brands, although 6 months is still a decent amount of time. However, some reviewers note that the batteries do go dead faster than the 6-month estimate, often within a month or two if the sprinkler is used frequently. Other reviewers suggest that the

However, despite these positive aspects, there are also some concerns about the sprinkler. One common complaint is that the quality is relatively low, especially when compared to some of the other options that are out on the market. In particular, the model uses lightweight plastic and some reviewers found that the connection between the hose and sprinkler leaked. This is a common problem with motion sprinkler systems but it can be frustrating, especially for people who are trying to save water.

Nevertheless, the sprinkler is a good choice for the price range and this can be an effective way to keep critters out of your garden, particularly if you don’t want to go with a more expensive option.


  • reasonably priced
  • ability to adjust spray distance
  • potential to link multiple sprinklers together
  • small size makes the model fairly discreet
  • easy to use


  • relatively low-quality construction
  • short battery life

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